Alternative Medicine Vs Allopathy

I asked my heart, what is the issue with both forms of medicine? The response was “dependence”. We have forgotten that we are God. We have forgotten that we are actually God. We are all God. Even the dense rough people who seem ignorant and illiterate still have a Light inside the heart that connects them to their soul. We have forgotten what that feels like and how to access that part of ourselves. So we look outside for answers to our pain and we forget that the true healer is the Light inside us. That you can go to the Light inside and ask that the wisdom of the heart in the form of Light be sent to the underlying ignorance that is creating this problem in my body or mind. Just like you can go to the doctor, you can go to your God self and say, wake this part of me up from the lie that it is living in. The lie is that it has forgotten God. That it lives in a state of separation, running some program, living out some story of forgetting the truth. In essence the root of all illness is the ego, our state of separateness. So, the only cure is to wake up. Our only disease is that we are asleep. When we focus with so much interest in identifying in what way we are asleep and give it so many fancy names and pour millions of dollars into researching how we are asleep, we seem to just stay in that realm. Why after all these years and all this money do we not have a cure for cancer? It is sleeping sickness. We have just forgotten that we are Love.

One problem with chemical medicine is that it creates numbness in the body and makes it harder to feel the pain of separation and the illness that it is causing in the body. There are some things that help the body lift its vibration and move stagnation and the old beliefs that create stagnation and illness. If you go into your heart, the part of you that is the highest vibration of God will say… use this homeopathic remedy or acupuncture to move this stagnation, or use this herb to wake up this part of you that has forgotten. And sometimes if you have a detached Achilles tendon or nerve, then the only way to repair is through surgery. It seems like effective medicine just needs to dredge the ego layers and remind us that we are the Light, dredge and remind.

We have to be really careful not to support medical (alternative or conventional) practices that promote sleeping sickness. And it is important to believe that we can all wake up, as we all are God, living under a blanket of somnambulism. However, something in us wants to wake up now… so we have more help.