I Got Hit by a Tesla

In fact I pretty much saw it happening, although the guy who hit me was not to blame. The guy who caused the wreck was in some sort of sports car and he was driving like a maniac even though it was rush hour traffic. The guy in the Tesla swerved to avoid getting hit by this guy and spun me out. While I was spinning he hit me again, only a lot harder and I went into the divider. My car was really smashed up and I ended up having to find a San Jose chiropractor, although it did not seem as though it was that bad at first. I was a little disoriented and I had some bruises and some soreness, but it did not really seem as though it was all that big of a deal. The next morning when I woke up I realized that something had to get done.

When I tried to get out of the bed the next morning I was really pretty much locked up. My back was so stiff that I could not even get out of the bed for a good half of an hour. My wife was there to help me stretch it out, but I do not know what I would have done if she had not been there. I was really worried that it was serious. However once I got it loosened up I was able to move pretty fairly, although I was still hobbled a good bit. At any rate I had to go to work and I figured that this was something that had to be fixed. You certainly can not wake up every morning and take an hour trying to get yourself out of the bed every day. It was not so hard to get it fixed though.